Electronics/Design Solar LED Bike Light Project


I’m embarking on an area of design I haven’t touched for a long time. I plan to produce a rear bike light that charges via solar cells and one where you never need to replace batteries or charge via usb.
With electronics not being my usual domain I wondered whether this project was a good one to take on. I decided that although I have lots of design ideas, to be more productive i’m trying to focus on one project at a time.

— WHEN i was young —

I remember back in school, attempting to make a fish feeder in my electronic products lessons. I built it from perspex and found it very interesting but found it hard when I was hit with how to waterproof the thing! These days (10 years later) i’m more clued up with design and problem solving and want to use the skills i’ve learnt in the past with new skills i’ve gained through graphic design and lots and lots of google searches!

— MY situation —

One of the problems I have, is that if I don’t know how something works or what something is, I will spend a large amount of time researching the subject to the point that I forget that i’m so engrossed i’ve forgotten to shower that morning or something similarly important! The longer I look the more interested I become and then I start to create passion. I’m constantly thinking and wondering if I can do or make something and sometimes not being able to focus on a particular project is my biggest fault.That’s why this project is so important to me, I feel it’s my chance to prove that I can do something and do it really well, it’s my first design challenge.

I’ve had a look at instructables.com and various videos on youtube and feel quite confident that I could make something that people could use on a regular basis. I also plan to link this in with my upcycling passion by making the final bag/product out of found/donated materials.

Keep up to date with this project my subscribing!

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{Inspiration} The seed of creativity


HalfPomelo es la semilla que he plantado

y que voy regando día a día

cuidando para que nadie la pise

pequeñita desapercibida

para que se vaya haciendo grande y brillante

démosle un poco de paciencia…


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So yesterday I saved up enough money to buy myself the computer of my dreams. I’ve been saving up for what seems like forever and with my last freelance job I had enough to buy it without needing to get it on finance!

I’m very excited as I get to go collect it on Sunday! My MacBook that I bought 7 years ago has just about had it and have been so desperate to bar something I can ‘work’ on! As soon as I get it I’m setting it up with my A4 Wacom. Expect to see a lot more work going up on behance and my website finally being made!

But first our wedding invitations before someone calls it off…!

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Studo bakes – Oven dried tomatoes

This year we moved into our new home and ever since then i’ve been waiting to plant and grow my own food. This year was the first year i’ve ever grown anything. I grew about 20 cherry tomato plants and had so many left over I was eating them in my lunch for months, about 20 a day! A couple of weekends ago I decided I wanted to make some sun-dried tomatoes (oven dried tomatoes as it’s not hot enough here in the UK). My dad suggested I roast them in the oven on a really low heat (100ish) for about 6 hours. Before baking I sprinkled the tomatoes with salt, thyme (from the garden also) and added a couple of garlic cloves. Here’s what I ended up with…



I preserved the tomatoes in olive oil in jars I sterilised before hand. I havent yet tasted them, but they smell the part


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Van Jones: The economic injustice of plastic

I thought i’d have a browse of the TED talks website. I found this great video about plastic pollution and the troubles plastic causes to people over the world. Plastic seems to be a fairly big issue at the moment. It gives me ideas to produce something, maybe a packaging idea or another idea product related?

Have a watch

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Stylish home products site

So after completing the branding and site design for my most recent client the site is now almost live. The developers are still working on it as the site resembles my design but I’d like it to be a bit closer to the original.
I love that I can now see the site that I’ve designed and hoping that customers visiting the site will like my design (what with it being my first site design).

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