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Stuart is a Graphic designer from Kent.


It’s that time of year again, when for some reason I decide to take part in giving up something or other for the sake of Lent. For those of you who know me you know that I’m not overly religious … Continue reading

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Pop Pop Bang

I love this video from Anna Burns and Thomas Brown. They describe what they do as “film, photography and pyro.” I’m sure you’ll agree its pretty cool.

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Yogi stu

As someone who has experienced back problems in the past you can imagine my total unhappiness at suffering a slipped disc in my neck recently. Six weeks ago I woke up with a pain in my neck that gradually got … Continue reading

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Thought provoking

After speaking to someone I considered a friend last night on a huge social media platform regarding Movember charity donations it got me thinking more about charity and life in general. He questioned whether it was worth anyone’s time to … Continue reading

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Daddy, daddy Stu

It’s been 9 days since our new arrival, I’m now a proud daddy to George and although I’ve caught up with my sleep, Mrs M is still coming to terms with the sheer lack of sleep that having a newborn … Continue reading

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Positive saturday inspiration

I have a friend who the other day showed me an email that her father has sent to her, it was written very well and of a dry humour, it got me thinking, I don’t update my blog nearly half … Continue reading

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Graphic Tees

I’ve always wanted to design tshirts. Ever since I entered the world of design i’ve always wanted to design them and sell them. Whether it’s a viable business option or not (possibly not) i’m determined to make something that someone … Continue reading

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