About studo

The work of Stuart Male; I’m a creative designer who has acquired skills over the past several years in the packaging sector which include product retouching, artwork layout for various sized packaging, product graphics and packaging construction.

I am a very passionate and highly ambitious creative designer with a focus on detail and finish.

I love improving my skill set; currently learning Rhino 3d and CSS.


3 Responses to About studo

  1. janet says:

    im janet from Panama in latinamerica…i found your blog, and its super cool!!!….a lot of resources to get inspired.
    its a good work you do.

    saw your portfolio and ….its great!! felicidades!

    just if u have a little time i want to share my blog with you….hope u like it! 😉
    send to yo tons of tropical vibes and pinneaples…


  2. Miss Weller says:

    Wow, a bored googling moment brings me big things from a small Margate boi!
    You’ve clearly done good things for yourself sunshine.
    Just wanted to say very well done, put a drawing of a certain butterfly in the loft, couldn’t bare to throw it out, now I’m thinkin your signature on the back might earn me some money 😉
    good luck for the future Stuart!x

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