Thought provoking

After speaking to someone I considered a friend last night on a huge social media platform regarding Movember charity donations it got me thinking more about charity and life in general. He questioned whether it was worth anyone’s time to try and gain donation for charities that in his words was almost entirely spent on admin fees and ended up going into the pockets of the people not intended to benefit from the charity. He questioned whether money was the answer to fixing something. He made me doubt my morals and the way I live my life.

He may have been right, money may not be able to fix the big C word and other causes, but it’s my opinion that if I can donate and help to raise money and awareness for a cause I believe could affect me at any time in my later life then I’m doing a good thing.

The conversation made me realise that maybe I’ve been pushing too hard for donations and that maybe organisations like Movember have turned charity into some sort of competition where you are ranked on how much money you raise, is it right that we raise money in this way?

This got me thinking even deeper, if there were no charities to raise money for deadly diseases including the big C how would people react? Would everyone train themselves up to be a professor of biology in the hope of one day curing these deadly diseases themselves? Is it enough to just be giving money to charities or should we be doing more, and if so, what?

With regards to the money I’ve raised so far which isn’t far off £500, I believe that it was the right thing to do and I believe that through word of mouth and social media badgering I have helped to raise awareness of a charity which I feel is doing a good job.



About stuart male

Stuart is a Graphic designer from Kent.
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