Positive saturday inspiration

I have a friend who the other day showed me an email that her father has sent to her, it was written very well and of a dry humour, it got me thinking, I don’t update my blog nearly half as much as I need to to be reaching the type of people I want to be reaching. I want my blog and my creative work to inform and to add to the creative world and so here’s todays post…

As the day draws to a close and I find myself having to turn down the brightness on my iMac every 15 minutes, I think back to what i’ve achieved today. It’s not been one of the most productive or creative days i’ve ever had but I have done a few bits; i’ve removed a newly fitted door and given it a coat of paint, i’ve done some exercise, iv’e cleaned some of my manly tools and i’ve experimented with repeating patterns in illustrator thanks to a video I found on youtube the other day from Sew Heidi, check out this really really quick pattern I created:


Although I haven’t done a huge amount today, the saturdays where my wife is working is usually spent wasting most of the day watching youtube videos and/or procrastinating over creative bits that I want/need to do. Today was an exception, I feel content that what I have done is a step in the right direction.

I’ve been feeling pretty crappy just lately and I wanted to offer some tips/advice, I don’t know what it is really, but if I was talking to myself in the third person this is what I would say:

Always try to be positive, there are going to be days when you’re feeling low and slightly worthless. There are always going to be people that can do things better than you, better designers, better thinkers, people with better ideas than you. Don’t let them get you down, think positively, what is your thing, what can you do better than anybody else you now, what are your strengths? You may be unsure of the the answers to these questions but finding out what they are should be fun. Always try, never give up.

Well there you go, not fantastic advice but I hope that someone reading this can benefit if only slightly.

I’ll be posting on a more regular basis now that i’ve decided to give up procrastination as well as alcohol for lent. I’m definitely looking forward to a nice cold beer in a couple of weeks but hope that I never have to share a room with Mr Procrastination again!

Good evening all,



About stuart male

Stuart is a Graphic designer from Kent.
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