Studo bakes – Oven dried tomatoes

This year we moved into our new home and ever since then i’ve been waiting to plant and grow my own food. This year was the first year i’ve ever grown anything. I grew about 20 cherry tomato plants and had so many left over I was eating them in my lunch for months, about 20 a day! A couple of weekends ago I decided I wanted to make some sun-dried tomatoes (oven dried tomatoes as it’s not hot enough here in the UK). My dad suggested I roast them in the oven on a really low heat (100ish) for about 6 hours. Before baking I sprinkled the tomatoes with salt, thyme (from the garden also) and added a couple of garlic cloves. Here’s what I ended up with…



I preserved the tomatoes in olive oil in jars I sterilised before hand. I havent yet tasted them, but they smell the part



About stuart male

Stuart is a Graphic designer from Kent.
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One Response to Studo bakes – Oven dried tomatoes

  1. The Rowdy Chowgirl says:

    Your tomatoes look great! I’ve been wanting to try this. I just made tomato chutney, but I still have a bunch of tomatoes ripening in my kitchen…

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