Faunagraphic, the work of Sarah Yates, a graphic designer come illustrator, come graffiti artist from Yorkshire, UK.

‘Fauna’ as she likes to go by, is skilled in many areas of design and also likes to experiment with photography. Fauna says ‘I take inspiration from everywhere.’
Fauna is a recent graduate of Calderdale college in Halifax

Fauna regularly collaborates with the artist ‘Rocket01‘ on many of her murals and workshops.


Fauna produces work on a large scale, almost as if she isn’t afraid of letting go and being bold to extremity! I love the natural style used to represent.. well.. Fauna. Coming from an area teaming with wildlife its not hard to see why Fauna has chosen the name and subject she has.


I asked Fauna what interested her about what she does? . . .

‘Graffiti, Yeah I have always liked to paint big, I have always loved letter-forms and graphic design,
It interests me because its freedom to do what I like , I meet great people and get involved with all sorts of interesting projects, and last but not least, the feeling I get from spray-painting, the feeling every graffiti artist gets! It’s the best feeling even if you think your piece isn’t so good.’


Fauna has recently produced a range of apparel for her brand, which include these limited edition tote bags. These bags have been screen printed on 100% cotton tote bags with a capacity of 10 litres, use them for anything and everything!! She also has organic bags which can be bought directly from her online shop.


Take a closer look at the work of Faunagraphic here


About stuart male

Stuart is a Graphic designer from Kent.
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