The return of my Edixa!

So I found an old camera whilst moving recently that I forgot I had and wanting to get into my photography proceed in getting it fixed (as it was broken). I decided to use a local business who specialise in old 35mm SLR’s as it is close to where I live and think it’s better to keep local businesses going rather than taking it to be fixed at one of the big retailers such as Jessops.

I got the camera from someone who my dad knew who was getting rid of it, for obvious reasons. . . It was broken!

So anyway the story of how I got my camera back goes a little like this:

I put my camera into the shop (lets say for instance this shop is Henry’s in Margate high street) on the 4th April 09. I was told originally it would take a couple of weeks after the courier picked it up on the thursday (9th April), they said they’d call when it was back so I could go and collect it so was expecting a call around the 23rd April or latest 30th as their courier only comes on thursday’s. Safe to say they never called. I had to call and was met with staff that had no knowledge of when i’d get my camera back, but the price was increased to £85 pounds, nice! I wanted it fixed and seeing as i’d already paid a charge for the courier service it made sense to just get the work over and done with. Weeks went by and heard nothing from them. Eventually after 11 weeks!! the camera is magically fixed after I threaten to take it back and not pay for anything! hmm

I demanded some sort of a discount for the time it had taken and for lack of knowledge of pretty much everything; whereabouts of my camera and time it would take to get it back. I received a very poor gesture of £6, oh and a ‘free film.’ Really! Like a free roll of film was going to make things all better the fact the service they’d provided took more than 5 times longer than they had said! Nice one guys, NOT!

Anyway I have the camera back now, untested, although the same guy who told me it was untested told me a week previous ‘it’s just being tested as we speak.’ What a crock of shit!

I’m currently demanding compensation under the sale of goods and services act 1982 for it taking so long and lack of communication from them.

Anyway I thought i’d grace you with a peak of the camera in question.

DSC 094

Lovely isn’t she!


About stuart male

Stuart is a Graphic designer from Kent.
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