D&AD New Blood ’09


So after work yesterday I went to New Blood ’09. It’s the first time i’ve attended as a visitor so I had to remember it wasn’t going to be like last year when I exhibited there; the hype, the excitement, the thought of maybe getting some work out of it!

The event this year was held at Kensington Olympia’s National Hall, a downgrade I think from Earls Court, which I think was probably to do with the recession, perhaps? I can’t really judge too much as, like I said, this was only my first time as a visitor and not an exhibitor.

Walking round I got the feeling that quite a lot of designers had the attitude of ‘there aren’t any design jobs to go into so why bother.’ I did feel like the work from this years graduates was not as good as last year’s work.

Stepping away from my (im sounding really negative) comments about the show, some of the work there was really good. A piece by Ryan Boyd left me inspired to create something out of the box; he produced a typographic installation called ‘Junk.’

Junk - Ryan Boyd BDES (HONS) MISTD

Junk - Ryan Boyd BDES (HONS) MISTD


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Stuart is a Graphic designer from Kent.
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