Angel’s and Demon’s and Parking

So I went to visit my girlfriend down in Portsmouth for the bank holiday weekend, the weather was amazing and as a treat for working so hard on her pharmacy revision I decided to take my girlfriend out to check out the latest flick by director Ron Howard; Angel’s and Demon’s (the film adaption of the bestselling book from author Dan Brown). To say the least the film was a disappointment, as reading the book beforehand helped me to (quite annoyingly) notice the bits that were changed and LEFT OUT of the film! In a way I wish I hadn’t read the book first, but then I wouldn’t have got the whole story would I.

Anyway, despite the film I was really impressed by the parking sensors in the underground parking at Gunwharf Quays (where the local multiplex cinema is situated).

I managed to get these very poor photo’s of a system used to calculate parking spaces in the underground car park at Gunwharf. Very efficiently it has sensors positioned above the spaces so that when a car is parked in a space a light at the end of the space shines red, when the car leaves the space a green light is shown. Also, at the end of a block of spaces it tells you how many spaces are available in each direction, so that you know where the spaces are, so you know which way to turn without wasting precious shopping time; very ingenious!



About stuart male

Stuart is a Graphic designer from Kent.
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